Marten Escape

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Donnie has become quite the hunter of different things such as wild game or even root crops thanks to his pet which was a marten, and boy the little ferret-like creature is notorious! Donnie found his hunting partner together with his dogs years back when this burrow near his home produced a very young marten. Donnie was curious with it for no matter how he shoos the creature, it just wouldn’t go away, it turns out its mother had died in the burrow and it has no choice but to find its own way now. Donnie took care of the animal then for it wasn’t really aggressive towards him and the rest was history.

Donnie, his dog, and his marten was quite a team tracking down game and sometimes the ever valuable truffles like a hawk! But that day however, their team was broken down when his marten which he tried to find as best as he can, was now trapped in some cage! It wasn’t his cage and that’s the most concerning part of this, for he can’t really tinker with someone else’s property, but what choice does he have so he decided to just get his marten out and then set the trap back again after. Escape players, you will play as Donnie here and you will be doing just as that, will you be able to and quickly so you can leave the area with your marten?

Marten Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Marten Escape


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