Pleasurable Cottage Escape

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You are reading a novel with a character called Mrs. Pollifax. She wears a hat that conceals the passports for spies. She’s involve with underground business and her friends are two-faced. But instead of feeling any disgust towards her and her friends, you find her so cool. She’s old but she still has the courage to carry out her missions. You can’t stop reading the novel and your mind wanders along with the story. And this gives you a wonderful idea. Your friend suddenly calls you and asks you to try out couch surfing. You’re really hesitant about couch surfing but you also want to know what it’s like. So you take up her offer. And it’s like destiny that she finds you an underground cottage. This makes you instantly gather your stuff to get to the location. You simply can’t wait to start your underground life.

Although it’s nothing close to the setting of the story, you still enjoy the idea of below the ground places. It makes you feel so mysterious and full of secrets even though you don’t have anything to hide much. The place is such a pleasurable cottage but you can’t shake off the feeling of someone observing you. You’re thinking it might be because of what you’re reading. Yet is it really? Play Pleasurable Cottage Escape room escape game by Eight Games.