Hidden Cottage Escape Game

Hidden Cottage Escape

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Vacation's over however your mindset still remains on those days. You find it hard to work efficiently when your mind is somewhere else. Sometimes, you would head out to the rooftop and then just sit there silently. You simply like the breeze, the silence, and the view. However, while enjoying all of these, you miss out a lot on work. Then when you come back, you have a lot of back log waiting for you. And when this happens, you find other ways to stabilize your mind. It's a never ending cycle that only gets worse as time passes by. So you talk to your boss to ask for a few days off. It's for you to decide if you still want to continue on this path or if you want to choose a different one. Your boss is quite hesitant but he agrees at the end.

So you look for a place to stay in as you search somewhere within you. You have heard of India as the go-to when it comes to self discovery. However, you don't have the fund to reach the place yet so you opt for somewhere closer. Then you find this hidden cottage in the forest. But you didn't expect to be locked in. Play Hidden Cottage Escape room escape game by Mirchigames.

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