Strange paintings are seen in Platinum Room Escape game.

Platinum Room Escape

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Sabrina Olsen, the massage therapist, is making her way to the hotel spa. Clients are requesting for her most of the time because of her skill and the honest service she performs. Furthermore, she also has a way making a conversation with her clients that always make them feel at ease. Whenever Sabrina can, she also gives helpful advice and tips to them. Her fellow staff gets along with her well, too. The only downside is the assistant hotel manager who feels jealous towards her because of Sabrina’s impeccable record. One day, the assistant manager sent the therapist to the Platinum Room where a very important client is supposedly staying. She insists the client wants a massage in the room instead. The client, though, is furious for being disturbed. Sabrina inches towards the door hoping to make a quick getaway.

Platinum Room Escape is a brand new online point ‘n click room escape game. It is developed by Ainars and sponsored by Escape Fan! Use your logic to get out of the platinum room.

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Walkthrough video for Platinum Room Escape

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