Peacock Escape (8b Games)

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Your friend Gibby has a new pet but this time it’s going to be something you didn’t even expect. Gibby got a full-grown peacock! Why in the world would he want that? And how did he even get it? You saw the bird in his photos and the animal was majestic. He better have good papers now or he’ll get in some serious trouble with the authorities if he doesn’t. You decided to visit him so you can see the bird yourself, you are still a bit confused though how he will take care of this bird for his house was small.

You arrive at the place and you didn’t even know there was trouble there and also, you are going to help! Escape players, the problem was with the new peacock, want to see whatever happened to it and how you can help your friend on it?

Peacock Escape is the newest point-and-click animal rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

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1 month ago

nothing new with this game, how long we have to play same game over and over again to see something different? months of the same thing… :/