Colorful Escape – Find Peacock Blu

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Eugene took great care of this poor peacock named Blu. He really nursed it to health in his house for months, that’s because he had the equipment to do so and now Blu roams around the rooms of the place like the abode is his. This is a normal thing daily, but that day though something happened and that totally grabbed Eugene’s attention.

Blu just got trapped in a room there and when Eugene found that out, he abandoned his work and focused in getting him out. How did he even get trapped in there anyways? Escape players, Eugene needs to find the key to the room there for right-now he couldn’t find it. Would you like to help him then so he can safely get Blu out?

Colorful Escape – Find Peacock Blu is the newest point-and-click indoor animal rescue escape game created by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Colorful Escape – Find Peacock Blu

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