Password House Escape - New Year Game

Password House Escape - New Year

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What a way to celebrate the New Year. When you open your gifts this Christmas, you're hoping to see wonderful surprises. Now you're not sure if the surprises you have are really wonderful or they're the other way around. One of the gifts your received this Christmas contained an invitation to a Password House. You are familiar with this house.  It's featured on your favorite lifestyle magazine. However, you can't see what part of it is worthy to be on a magazine. Then again, you can't blame the magazine if they didn't show much of the house. It's a password house and revealing all its features can greatly affect how people play. There must be something more amazing inside this house.

So you take up the offer to explore the place. You wake up early the next day and get ready for your adventure. The night before, you searched the internet for tips to easily escape the house. However, most of them are very vague. Others are just testimonies and a list of what didn't work. These give you the extra boost to successfully get out of the house. Password House Escape - New Year is one of the best escape games room escape game by Ainars and Iren. Explore the house and find some passwords to escape!

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