Paris Room Escape Game

Paris Room Escape

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Visiting Paris is on your bucket list and you are able to save up for the trip. The travel agency nearby is celebrating its tenth year with a promo and you took advantage of it. At last, the plane landed and checking your itinerary, you hopped on a taxi to your accommodation first. It's a nice place in the heart of the capital of France where a single deluxe room awaits you. Checking the room, you thought to yourself that you're very lucky since this is a neat and orderly place with nice decorations. However, the phone isn't working. You head towards the door and turned the knob only to find out that it's jammed. You start banging on the door to call someone's attention but no one came to your rescue.

Paris Room Escape is a short point and click game by Ainars. Good luck and have fun!



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