Oldman Escape From Construction

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The old dilapidated building here is now under the ownership of the government and for their plans, they needed someone to check the place first and then make a decision based on the observation of this person they will send. For the day they will send the first inspector who was Kim and he will begin checking the structure and among other things. This is his first time there and he knows he is alone for the property is now private. But as Kim enters though he can’t help but notice this strange distant voice which was coming from deep in the structure!

As Kim enters there he expected silence, but as he went this voice just keeps getting closer and closer. At first he thought it was just his imagination or the old place making sounds, but as he entered a room there though he finally found the source. It was actually coming  from an old man and he seems to be trying to find his way out! What is an old guy doing here? Well he answered and he said he can’t really remember, guess he is kind of senile, of course there is nothing else to do than to just guide this man out of here. Escape players, you will now be playing as Kim here and he himself is not really too familiar with the place, but still he needs to get this old guy out of here for really this place isn’t good especially for the likes of him. Okay then, will you be able to find your way out of the building so you can then let the old man out of the place safely?

Oldman Escape From Construction is a brand new point and click old building escape game released by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Oldman Escape From Construction

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