Old Beethoven Dog Escape

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Old Beethoven is an old dog of the town and this one has become the face of the place. This dog have done a lot in his whole life in the town like delivering milk and mail to the people there, and in a few occasions even saving drowning kids! What achievements this dog has done to the townsfolk, but now that he is old, his movements are slightly reduced and he stays at home most of the time. That day though, some unthinkable thing had happened, for Beethoven went missing!

As his caring owner, Jim tried to find him for he shouldn’t be out especially in this weather. Jim actually ended-up contacting the local authorities for he haven’t gotten home for some time now! There is absolutely no sign of him, that’s until though when there finally was! The officer helped a lot until eventually they found him, but he is not safe yet though, for there was this some guy inside a house with him and he wouldn’t get out! It’s very likely that he kidnapped Beethoven, for the dog was downright valuable and he might be trying to get the reward money for it! But that’s not a smart thing to do and for him, for there were some holes in his plan here. Escape players, the guy just locked himself in a room in a house there and he wouldn’t give-up Beethoven, will you be able to help Jim here and the rest of the officers who are working on this in getting the beloved dog without nobody getting hurt?

Old Beethoven Dog Escape is another new point and click pet rescue escape game made by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Old Beethoven Dog Escape

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