Office Canteen Escape Game

Office Canteen Escape

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The office building's canteen always had that recurring problem, it traps personnel in and always it so happens somebody would be there to help that certain someone who gets trapped in there. Nobody knows why the doors does that, but it really needs to be checked before it becomes a real problem. Well one day, it did become one at least for one employee, and that was Tristan. The moment he entered the cafeteria to get a snack or something, he realized he was alone and it's weird for somebody is always there even though it's just staff but no, he was totally by himself.

Tristan decided he'll just leave the room and come-back later, but when he tried the door however, he realized he got caught with the canteen's recurring problem and the worst part about it is that he had no companion which can help him! Tristan needs help here to dislodge the door but he can't do that, for it always needs additional help just to budge. Escape players, somebody is in a situation here right-now, that's Tristan and he needs your help! Will you be able to give your aid so he can get himself out of the office's canteen?

Office Canteen Escape is the newest point and click room escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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