Gold Town Escape Game

Gold Town Escape

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The little old gold-mining town still has a lot of secrets even though it can easily be located in the desert area where a river once flowed. It was nighttime as Fargo went to the place, he just wants to survey the area without so much question from the locals and really he can only do that when the sun is out. Fargo looked at the terrain, possible entrances which points into the ground, but on his attempt to search for any clues that can really push him to do the mining for gold project earlier, he got into some trouble and it is not about the locals!

Fargo got himself lost in the sandy terrain of the town and the last thing he'll do here is yell for help! He is trying to hide himself from them and surely there would be no point of hiding in the dark if he would just call for help, which means Fargo is alone here to solve his problems. Well not totally, for escape players you will be joining Fargo escape from the town and by doing so, in the dead of darkness in a remote area. Be alert for anybody now and for wild snakes as well.

Gold Town Escape is a brand new point and click small town escape game from Selfdefiant.

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