Office Meeting Room Escape (Games 4 Escape) Game

Office Meeting Room Escape (Games 4 Escape)

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The meeting is now over and the room must be cleaned right after, that's Anna's job and it's not really that hard and she had already done that countless of times. But that day however, Anna is going to face a totally different situation there and it's something she had never experienced before. Anna was taking the documents out of there as well as the items that have been used in the meeting, she was about to finish and the last thing to do is to leave the room and place all the things outside, but when she did however she realized that the door of the meeting room seems to be locked and she couldn't get herself out!

Anna is currently alone inside and she knows she can't scream for help there for the room is soundproof, signal is low as well thanks to that feature, which means she needs to use everything she knows and everything she has at the moment so she can get herself out of there. Escape players, the door of the meeting room is surely locked for she already tried hard to get it to open, care to join in the escape here and see if you can escape if you are faced with the same situation?

Office Meeting Room Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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