New Year Room Escape Game

New Year Room Escape

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After the new year celebrations, everyone got tired of all the preparations last-night but early in the next morning, the first challenge appeared in one of the houses in the neighborhood and it's in the house of Jarrod who had just awoken from his sleep and was even a bit confused. Jarrod walked towards the door in his house to check outside as his morning routine but as he did however, the door seems to be locked, Jarrod tinkered with it a bit but as unbelievable as it can be it really wouldn't open!

Jarrod was more than confused what was going-on for he knows the door now and it shouldn't do that at all. Maybe one of his friends pulled a prank on him in the first day of the year or maybe, this place is starting to show its activity! For after all he just got the place a few weeks ago and he doesn't know about the house completely. That's a bit irrational, Jarrod must approach this in a scientific way and even though it's getting him pretty confused, he'll have to solve this for he can't really get himself out of the house if the door won't budge.

Escape players, come and check-out this escape challenge here for fun! New Year Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Amgel Escape.

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