New Mysterious Island Escape 1 2022

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Anton knew going to this small patch of land in the middle of the ocean was a bad idea in the back of his mind, but he still went for it in the name of adventure! Well, he sure wished he just came prepared, for now he is lost in the forest of the island and he is really having some trouble finding the coast.

Anton was actually having a great time when he landed in the place, for he was finding ancient stone sculptures there and other signs that people were in the island hundreds or even thousands of years before. But it was good until he experienced the problem, now he needs to get himself out of the place for soon it will get dark and surely he’ll spend the night there if he doesn’t fix this. Escape players, come help Anton here escape the island before his problem worsens.

New Mysterious Island Escape 1 2022 is a new point-and-click wilderness escape game developed by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for New Mysterious Island Escape 1 2022

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