Nature Village Sheep Rescue Game

Nature Village Sheep Rescue

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Sheep are pretty rare in the village which was in an area that is enclosed to be a reserve for wildlife, only the people there can harvest the goods in the place as long as they don't let outsiders do it and they also make regulations. To compensate with harvesting too much from the wild, the people have tried sheep breeding so to see if those can thrive in a place where they are and so they won't take to much from the forest. It is slowly thriving but additional protection must still be done so that no harm will come to them and they will continue to reproduce. One day, as one of the persons who takes care of a few sheep in the place, Ricardo seems to be missing one and that was his one and only male!

Ricardo quickly went-out to find it for there aren't much males to come-by there for breeding use, he is also picking-up the pace for the land where they are is still pretty backward, that makes the wild animals there and the predators thrive with everything they can find especially one of the village's produces. Eventually, Ricardo found what he was looking for but unfortunately, it wasn't in a good situation! Escape players, want to join in the rescue here with Ricardo and see what might have happened to that missing sheep? Go ahead then and be ready with your skills and logic.

Nature Village Sheep Rescue is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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