Village Escape (Big Escape Games) Game

Village Escape (Big Escape Games)

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You've been living in this village for so many years now but you never went out. You would rather stay home than to walk around the village. However, there is an event that you should attend to so you have to leave the village. It is your niece's first birthday and you have to attend that family gathering. You dressed up so well for the party. You are eager to attend the party. But since you don't go out that much, you are unfamiliar of the village. You also don't know that people in the neighborhood so you can't ask for help. Looks like you have to figure out how to get away from this village on your own. The good news is, there are clues along the way that can show you the right path.

On the other note, there are puzzles in the village that you need to solve before you can finally get away. Another good news is, there are items along the way that you can use for those puzzles. The only thing that you have to do is to use your logic to escape quickly. Village Escape (Big Escape Games) is the newest outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games. Best of luck!

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