Mystical Submarine Treasure Adventure

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The national museum has a joint project with the army. The radars are showing a sunken ship on the bottom of the ocean. The museum director finally reveals that the siunken ship is more likely to be La Milagrosa, a royal Spanish ship heading to the southern seas. According to the records, it was carrying  the now lost gold shipment. However, we’ve thought it was stolen by the pirates, but it seems it ran into a storm following another ship before it.

Providing a submarine, the excavation of the crates ensues. Unfortunately, the submarine was an older model and it’s showing signs of malfunction. You were in the robot, checking out the wreckage, when you saw the submarine going down. Since you’re already under, let’s see how you can help and return to the surface. You immediately head towards the submarine fearing for the people inside. They have to get out fast. Good luck and be careful!

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Walkthrough video for Mystical Submarine Treasure Adventure

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