Mystery Yellow Room Game

Mystery Yellow Room

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You are new to this building. Having moved from the city to the county, you knew no one. It's both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you can be whoever you want people to think of you. And a curse because you have no one to run to in case of any trouble. Today is one of those days when you need someone to back you up. You visit this certain place since it appear to be an interesting one. Every day you're passing here, you haven't seen anyone go in or out. But when you turn the knob, it's open. You have too many attempts entering the mysterious room. But every time you try, someone will call you or you have to finish something urgent. So you always put it off for some other time. Then your desire will be stronger once more when you pass by.

So one day, you finally set aside your time to explore the place. Your curiosity is strangling you and you just have to know what's inside. You called out for anyone living inside, but no answer came back. Then you saw a room and the knob is open as well. So you enter and look around until you didn't notice the door closing. Will the room escape game Mystery Yellow Room by Mirchigames bring you something to smile about? Or will you forever lament over being trapped inside?

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