Luxury Suite Resort Escape

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You can’t get any luckier! While walking on the streets to work, you saw a ticket without any name on it. You look at the draw date and realize that it’s today. Seeing no one looking for it, you take out your pen and write down your name. Then you look for the venue of the draw and wait for the result. While waiting, you’re actually laughing inside for hoping to win a lost ticket. Still you want to know if the odds can be yours. Your name isn’t one of those winners for the consolation prizes. Your chance is getting smaller and smaller with every name called. Then it’s down to the top three prizes. And the announcer is giving the second prize already. So you turn on your heels to leave. Then the  first prize winner is called just as you were about to leave. And it’s you!

You instantly walk back to the venue and receive your prize. It’s an accommodation for a luxury suite resort. You’ve only heard of the place. Ever since, you always want to visit it yourself. And now, like a VIP you’ll be staying there. But why are things so easy? Luxury Suite Resort Escape room escape game by Eight Games will leave you awestruck with the beauty of the resort and dumbfounded with the puzzles.