Myna Land Escape

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It’s getting dark now and the land is not very welcoming anymore, Ronnie needs to leave now for even the merciless darkness as the people had said actually happens in the place, does not at all exclude guests or visitors who would like to see the sights there. But it is irresistible though for the land which was called the Myna wilderness is actually a sanctuary for such! People can admire those birds and how they mimic sounds from afar, but as long as they stay indoors when the sun goes down though that is a must. That’s why Ronnie needs to find shelter now for soon the sun will completely set.

Escape players, Ronnie here needs to move-out if he wants to escape from the area where he was, he should have brought a map in the first place or heeded the words of the locals so that he’d stay safe, but he had already crossed the bridge so he only needs to fix this for there is still time. Want to help Ronnie here get to safety through the myna birds before the sun sets?

Myna Land Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.