Murder Mansion Escape 5 Game

Murder Mansion Escape 5

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For the past few nights, you were having weird dreams. These dreams were about a person escaping someone. It was like watching a movie every night. But it was a movie you didn't enjoy. Every night, it seemed like you didn't want to go to sleep anymore. But exhaustion takes over and you end up being asleep in no time. And that was when your dreams continue. You were waiting for any scene that may reflect your dreams everyday. However, your day just went by like usual and it was just during the night that things went weird. You tried telling your friends about hoping that it might release your mind from stress. However, it had no effect and it was still continuing until the seventh night. The person in your dreams was murdered and the place where it happened was seen vividly.

You woke up the next day feeling so horrible. You wished to tell the police about it but you wanted to be sure of your claims. So you went to the place just to check. In your mind, it was just silly for you witness a murder in a dream. But a part of you somehow believed that it might be true. You went to the place and was instantly trapped. Play Murder Mansion Escape 5 outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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