Mountain Lovers Escape Game

Mountain Lovers Escape

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The land is filled with hills and mountains and within those things are a vast area which everyone prefers to venture due to its difficulty and the forest's lushness there. People come to the place once in a while and mostly the experienced ones returns for not every area there they have already ventured into. That day, a couple who was already experienced in the place returned to the area, because they were already known for their skills and experience concerning the said wilderness, they were allowed to enter there again. But after 3 days however, this journey was going to prove a total first for them, for they got totally lost and the rangers only noticed that when their visiting window had already closed, but they never really came back!

Malcolm was one of the rangers there and was even the one who followed them to the trail they were going to be taking, it was a safer one and they have already taken that before, but anything can happen especially in a treacherous place like this. Malcolm will go too for the potential rescue, because he was the last person with them, he has the highest chance of finding the two. Escape players, want to join in the rescue here with Malcolm for a couple who are lost in the mountains?

Mountain Lovers Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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