Night Time Door Escape Game

Night Time Door Escape

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Harry deemed not safe to travel back home anymore after a long business meeting which lasted almost an entire day, that's why he just stayed in a hotel for the night which was modern enough and also very comfortable of course. But the place proved to be a problem the next morning though, for when he woke-up to begin packing and leave for home, he realized there was a very weird thing going-on in the room and he couldn't explain it at all.

Harry saw that it was daylight outside, but the inside of the room stayed dark like it was night! Harry could not explain any of it and when he decided to leave and turn this into a not his problem now, he realized that the door was locked-shut and he couldn't open the thing even though he already used force! Something is being pulled from under him now and he strongly thinks this might not be natural, by that he means like a prank or something. Escape players, Harry is determined to leave the place though and possibly report this to the front-desk, but will you help him first to escape before this escalates?

Night Time Door Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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