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Executive House Escape

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Luis had been living in his luxurious home after that big break of his 10 years ago, and now he lives comfortably and is also provided everything that he needs, that is years of long and hard-work payed-off. One night, Luis was just sitting in his living-room thinking about what he needed to do to further increase his business when at some point, he heard a click in his door and then he investigated what it was. Luis tried to open it but unfortunately, he couldn't. Luis didn't want to think this was serious, maybe it was just a busted lock or something, but his concerns spiked when he tried the other doors in his house and those too are hard to open!

Luis then kept his head low for this could be a tactic or something which can potentially cost him his life, after all he was rich and is the boss of his company, no matter how he tried to please everybody, well you can't really please everybody. Escape players, Luis is going to need your help here to escape, will your skills and logic be able to give him a hand?

Executive House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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