Mountain Lamb Escape Game

Mountain Lamb Escape

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The mountain is just a refreshing scene. You are on a field and what you can see are the snow mountain tops. In addition to that, you can also see lambs on your feet. This should be perfect if the lambs are complete. You are sure about the count of your lambs and you know that one is missing. You want this herd to be complete. So, you walked around to look for the missing lamb. Thankfully, you saw the lamb that you are looking for. However, this lamb is not in a good position right now. You don't know how but this lamb is in a cage. How did he end up in there is the thing that you should know after finding out how to get him out of there. This lamb should be free in the field and not in this cage.

Since you don't have a key that can open the cage, you have to look for objects that you can use to unlock it. The good news is, there are lots of objects in the mountain that you can use for that. Mountain Lamb Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games. Good luck!

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