Mountain Forest Treasure Escape Game

Mountain Forest Treasure Escape

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Mountain Forest Treasure Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Fun Escape Games. Have fun on a treasure-hunt in the vast mountain wilderness!

The mountainous forest is not really that remote in the past, for people have settled there once in different areas of the land, but what remains today are abandoned structures and ruins, there was even old rusty train-tracks there which hadn't been used for almost a century. Various reasons would point why the people have left and there's absolutely nobody living in the place anymore, one of those reasons is the presence of the hidden mountain treasure which had everyone on that time was set to search. Wars would rage for different companies see each other at some point as they search for the treasure, that led the people living there to flee for their lives. That was a long time ago however, and now as a treasure-hunter born in the modern times, Ben would be on his way on that mountain using high-tech means to finally pin-point where that hidden treasure might be.

Ben had just read about this treasure recently, that info was enough to intrigue him to the point he went there alone! It's a dangerous decision for if he ever gets lost or hurt, nobody will come to save him for who knows how long. Escape players, Ben is still set to find that treasure in the mountain forest, care to join in too and see if you can all find such a hidden loot? Go ahead then and good luck, stay alert too for you don't know what predators lives there.

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