Enormous Crocodile Escape Game

Enormous Crocodile Escape

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Try the rescue here everyone for a dangerous reptile. Enormous Crocodile Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Avm Games. Have Fun with us everyday!

The village here is situated around a complex river system which are deep enough for huge crocodiles to live in. The people there have become quite an expert of wilderness safety for it's life that's being talked about here and that is most important. Occasionally, there would be crocodiles straying too close to the area but it's always these small ones as big as a dog, those can inflict damage still that's why the people are careful when moving around the place. One day however, something pretty big came and it's not those typical small ones.

As a villager, Bo is the one who shoos the crocodiles away if they stray too close to the village, it would always be successful until that day, he saw the biggest crocodile which he had only been hearing from stories and it's in the village! Bo tried to shoo the creature using his rifle for conventional means won't work on such a monster and he knows it. Luckily, the weapon worked but that scared the reptile a little to the wrong side, when it ran, it went straight to a house and it's now trapped there! Bo got really concerned and a little-bit panicked after that, but he has to free that crocodile before it hurts someone. Escape players, join Bo here as he frees the biggest crocodile he had ever seen in his life. Good luck everyone and be very careful!

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