Monkey Go Happy – Stage 242 Game

Monkey Go Happy – Stage 242

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You should've stayed at home that night. But it was just so boring inside your home. The new episodes of the drama you were watching hadn't came out yet. And you didn't feel like looking for new ones before finishing the one you were watching. In the silence of your home, you heard the mission bell ring. For some reason, it always makes you feel excited to know who's going and where he's going for his mission. You left your house and went to the head quarters. There were many Monkey Go Happy mission goers waiting for their turn. You wanted to just observe them from afar when one of the superiors spotted you and called you over. You went closer with a smile on your face but then you saw what he was holding. It was one of those special mission badges they gave away.

You almost went outside but then the guard escorted you towards the superior. He was also your friend but sometimes you wish he would ignore you. You went closer to the superior and he immediately led you to a door. The moment you went out it was a whole new world out there. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 242 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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