Modern Kids Escape Game

Modern Kids Escape

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As a farmer living in the countryside, Mac is away from any sophisticated modernity, well except for his grand-kids however from the city who visited him for the summer. They were mostly on their gadgets and sometimes they all go on adventures around the farm, but when they get tired they go back to their small light-boxes. One night however, Mac had himself a real problem for his grand-kids did not come back late that afternoon, it's already night and still they haven't return to their gadgets. So Mac decided to find them and indeed they were in some trouble!

Mac found his grandchildren inside one of his animal shelters and the big wood beam just latched from the inside! They couldn't possibly unlatch it for it is heavy, so the only way to get them out is through the other doors with an old lock and Mac doesn't know if he still has the keys for it. Well he must find those or his grandchildren might get themselves hurt trying to escape. Escape players, let Mac do all the rescuing here so, place yourself on his shoes and find anything that can get Mac's grandchildren out.

Modern Kids Escape is another new point and click farm rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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