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Escape From Dark World

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The dark world is entirely comprised of just woods, but in the middle of it though there are houses there and according to some people, those are all abandoned. That caught Jack's curiosity for there once could be a populated village there but it all changed when the darkness loomed in and never left from there. It's weird why the place is perpetually dark though, everyone thinks it is mystical and nobody can do something about it. As a first step though, Jack thought to himself that he might be able to do something, but first he must go there and discover why the place became dark, so without the knowledge of anyone, he head to that said village in the middle of the dark wilderness.

The dark world was definitely not for everybody, but as he tried his best just to reach the village, he finally made it there after some hardship. There was indeed a village there and it seems untouched, but surely they look abandoned. Jack wants to find-out what happened to the place, but for starters he must find clues around the houses and leave from the entire place safely afterwards. Escape players, want to find-out what the dark world is hiding as well? Place yourself on Jack then and let us discover the dark land.

Escape From Dark World is a brand new point and click eerie wilderness escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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