Modern Adobe House Escape Game

Modern Adobe House Escape

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A house so old that stands in the middle of town had seen various things in the history of the country but still it towers strong and might be even stronger, for the people there are preserving it by adding supports and cleaning the place from time to time. Guests are also welcome to stay in the place's guest area if they wish to visit the town for a tour, they'll just have to put up with the strange sounds and moving things there especially at night. Austin was currently staying there for that same purpose which was for a tour and he was in luck, for there was nobody currently staying in the place but him. That's kind of unlucky if you ask him, and it even got worst for now he is trapped in the place and couldn't get himself out!

Austin was ready to leave the house and venture into more of the town to see their ways of life and other stuff, but he can't really get himself out of the place now for the doors seems to be locked! He knew how to operate the doors of course, but it seems that something is holding it and prohibiting him to leave. Very strange, but Austin wasn't about to let this defeat him if it's all about the place's hauntings. Escape players, come and join Austin here as he escapes the house and of course without destroying anything, so that everything there can be preserved.

Modern Adobe House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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