Mission Escape Island

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It’s nearing summer! You can slowly feel the heat of the sun getting stronger and casting away the chills. You look up at the sky and see a stunning view with wisps of clouds. It’s like this day can’t get any better. You walk back to the bench and close your eyes. You imagine yourself gazing at the beautiful varying blue colors in front of you. Then you’re inhaling the scent of the sea along with the sound of the waves. You’ve always wanted to be away on the beach. But you work can’t let you have enough free time to enjoy some stuffs. So instead, you do this. Bits of imagination can work wonders for your mood especially if you want some peace and quiet. Just then, the phone in your pocket vibrates. You haven’t seen the sender yet but your heart is already racing.

And yes! The moment you’re waiting for. Another spy mission. But this time, it’s in a place you’re dreaming of. So you excitedly pack your spy supplies to head out for the island. This island is one of the most popular yet one the least visited as well. There are strange occurrences taking place here and you’re about to find out. Play Mission Escape Island outdoor escape game by Mouse City.