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It’s pretty obvious that the evil witch is evil. But how could she kidnap Ozzy’s wife when she’s one of the most charming creature there is? You’ve known Ozzy ever since you stepped inside this forest. It was actually by accident. Your eyes were blurry because of the tears that were continuously flowing. You felt very hurt at that moment that you let your feet carry you to wherever it will. And then, a friendly creature held out a handkerchief. It was surprising to see it was not a human being. But his kindness touched you and you decided to stay in this place for a long time. You were also a witness to Ozzy’s love story. He met his wonderful wife while looking for food. They accidentally bumped into each other while trying to catch a falling fruit. And when their eyes met, destiny sealed itself.

You truly adore how they love each other. It’s like their happiness served as yours as well. So you’re always there when they celebrate their special moments. However, the happy moments will have to wait for now. Ozzy’s wife was kidnapped and help is needed to bring her back. Play Ozzy adventure game by Mouse City and restore the happiness around.

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Walkthrough video for Ozzy

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