Minimalistic House Escape 3 Game

Minimalistic House Escape 3

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Leah is spending her weekend at her bestfriend, Janine's house. Both are admiring the result of the renovation Janine paid for through hard work. The furniture are not too expensive but the minimalist design is stunning and fitting for someone like Janine who's at the height of her career. Furthermore, since she lives alone, she wants to give Leah a good reason to move in with her. In the meantime, she had Leah come over ask her opinion about the renovation. As Leah inspects every corner of the house, she keeps finding little buttons and strange codes all over it. She asked Janine about them and she admits to having her then boyfriends, John, do the renovating during her vacation abroad. Leah's eyebrows raised because her best friend dated the weirdest man she knew, one that has an obsession with puzzles and whatnot.

Minimalistic House Escape 3 is a game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Explore big house, search for various items like pyramid, microchip, shuriken key, ordinary keys, pieces of code, and other items. Use items to unlock hidden wall-safes and obtain final door key to unlock exit. Good luck and have fun!


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