Minimalistic House Escape 2 Game

Minimalistic House Escape 2

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Best friends Tony and Calvin are eight-year olds enjoying the summer. Their families both cannot afford summer camp and because of that, they keep looking for things to do. One day, Calvin is rushing to meet up with Tony at the ice cream shop. Calvin found his friend finishing an ice cream soda. Sitting beside him, Calvin told him about a small abandoned house downtown where they can play.

The owner of the shop overheard this and gave a gentle warning to the boys to stay away from the place, specifically from entering it. In addition, he went on telling about the ghost that lives there. Nevertheless, the boys went to the place and finally settles on calling it their headquarters. Granted that nobody finds it, they'll spend their nights here, too. Unfortunately, as they were about to leave, the floor gave way and they both tumble down to the basement. Both boys are unharmed but they need to find a way to escape.


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