Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

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The one and only Mickey mouse and his friends went to this cake shop for they are going to pick-up the cake that they ordered after they go on their birthday getaway trip. After they entered the shop though they saw there was nobody there! It was weird, that prompted them to explore a bit just to see somebody like a staff. Some of them even went to the place’s kitchen but they still found nobody. They found a note though and it said about Mickey’s cake. They need to find it somewhere in the shop and after they read that, they immediately though what in the world is this? But they took the challenge still.

Escape players, Mickey and friends were all now on the search for the cake here in the shop. Would like to be a part of their group and look for that cake?

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party is a brand new point-and-click item retrieval indoor game released by Hidden O Games.

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Walkthrough video for Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

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