Metro Escape

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Sid sits calmly in the train wagon as it moves and things were normal at first, until he woke-up and realized he fell asleep where he was sitting! He immediately stood-up for there were no people around anymore but as he tried the door, he couldn’t open them!

What in the world is happening here? The train was not moving anymore and the thought of escaping out of there became strong for him. Sid tried to think what he can do there then. There were not a lot of options in the wagon that can help him and this thing is quite old too. Escape players, want to help Sid here escape the train so he can get back to where he is suppose to be which was the stop that he missed?

Metro Escape is a brand new point-and-click train escape game from Isotronic.

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Walkthrough video for Metro Escape

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10 months ago

Nothing happens when I solve the “jigsaw.”