Mermaid Meet Her Lover

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Anastasia has a lover who was a human! This is absolutely forbidden to them for Anastasia is a mermaid and they have very strict rules to follow. But no rule can get in the way of love. That day though as they were both heading to the location where they always meet, Anastasia got in trouble and now she can’t move in this one area where a garden of beautiful corals are!

In amongst the corals there was this trap and it looks like it belonged to a human. Of course her lover doesn’t know what’s going-on with her for there is really no way he’d know that his girl needs help. Escape players, looks like you are going to help Anastasia here for this cage is absolutely a mysterious thing for her and she could not do anything about it. Will you help her then so she can go free?

Mermaid Meet Her Lover is another new point-and-click underwater rescue escape game made by Wow Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Mermaid Meet Her Lover

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