Medieval House

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There is a house in the village which was multi-purpose but even then what’s coming out from it still gives Richard’s curiosity a real exercise, well who wouldn’t be curious about what’s going out from the place, for at times it would be bigger than a room there! And really Richard is thinking that some magical things are happening in there, so that day he did one of the most outlawed things in the medieval times to commit, and that is to trespass.

Richard went inside the house at the time he knows that there is nobody home, for he literally saw the guy who lives in there left. And so he enters and began his investigation. Richard roams around and everything was fine, things were normal, the rooms were good and silent. Maybe he had just been imagining things? Maybe, and now he needs to leave for there is nothing for him here and if the owner returns, then he’ll definitely get a serious punishment! But there was a problem with that though, for he could no longer get out of the place! Escape players, imagine you are Richard here and you are trapped in a house you thought had some magic or sorcery or anything, will you be able to escape without leaving a trace you have actually been there?

Medieval House is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Hidden247.

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Walkthrough video for Medieval House

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