Medieval Castle Treasure Rescue Game

Medieval Castle Treasure Rescue

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The castle in the countryside have long since been abandoned by royalty, but it is still guarded though for rumor has it that some treasures are still hidden in there somewhere and nobody not even the royal family were able to find it. Some people think that the treasure might have already been found for there is only one guard there, but for Anton though it could be just a cover-up, for if they put a ton of guards there then there is a chance the place will get attacked for its loot. And so Anton will go in there just to see if he is right and of course, he'd want his skills tested as well.

Anton already had everything prepared and now, he will start to go inside the castle slowly and quietly. Escape players, he won't be alone on this adventure of his though, for you will be with him or better yet, you will be him! Okay, now the mission begins, will you be able to find those treasures which was suppose to be hidden in there somewhere before the guard of the place takes notice? Careful now, for its not the guard you will be worrying about, for the place is also rumored to be haunted and you might get distracted by that factor.

Medieval Castle Treasure Rescue is the newest point and click retrieval escape game from WoW Escape.

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