Dejected Squirrel Escape

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There was this not so joyful squirrel and it is very distinct from the rest, the others are active and ere just like usual squirrels but this one however was somehow bitter. As a resident of the town, Lou sees this squirrel in a regular basis, but he pays no mind to it for he is busy most of the time. Well that day however when Lou was finally free from his constraints, he saw the squirrel again and it so happens to be trapped in something!

It’s like destiny have really brought them together, for when Lou finally had free time, it was the same time as well that the creature needed help, now he needs pay attention to it for something needs his help and he must respond to that. Lou will try to get that squirrel out and even though he was mystified why there was a cage inside a tree, he will still do so and maybe he can get some answers in the end then. Escape players, want to help Lou here as well and see if your aid can quickly get that squirrel out?

Dejected Squirrel Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.