Medical Center Escape Game

Medical Center Escape

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Try your skills and logic here escaping from the facility. Medical Center Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by 8b Games. Have Fun!

Michael remembers very clearly that he had slept in his house, but when he opened his eyes for morning came however, he was in the town's infirmary! What in the world was he doing here? Michael pondered to himself, for he didn't have any injuries at the moment and he was feeling pretty good actually. Did he sleep-walk and got himself into a problem? Who brought him here? If he doesn't feel any physical problem right-now why was he here? Michael is just confuse and because he can't find anybody that can help him, his questions just keeps piling-up.

Well even though how small their town was, this medical center that they have is quite advanced and Michael is very proud of that, but he needs to get himself out of there now for he is quite confused on what's happening. Escape players, Michael needs to escape from the center now, care to join-in on the escape with him and see if you can leave safely? Go ahead then and good luck on this one.

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