Halloween Escape From Pumpkin Villa Game

Halloween Escape From Pumpkin Villa

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Try this Halloween escape adventure here with us. Halloween Escape From Pumpkin Villa is the newest point and click scary indoor escape game from Top 10 New Games. Have fun!

There was this scary house and people have already forsaken that said house for even though it is located inside the villa, it is quite different from the rest of the place for it is haunted! There are regulations for the house now and nobody is suppose to go there thanks to how rickety it is and to add to that no matter how preposterous it is, the scariness of the place can really become physical to anyone who enters. Well Tom still decided to go in the place though so he can really feel Halloween to the max!

And so, Tom enters and nothing seems to be interesting there at first, but it all explodes in his face when apparitions started appearing and things started flying! Tom was very close to screaming and when he tried to escape because it's like a wild horror house there now, he couldn't and thanks to the confusion, he got lost in the house! Escape players, Tom doesn't want to stay in the place anymore than anybody, care to try the escape challenge here with him and see if you can all escape safely? Be very careful now, for the things there are not just paranormal, they are also crazy!

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