Mangrove Forest Escape Game

Mangrove Forest Escape

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There are so many forests in the world but this Mangrove Forest is special. There are so many trees and plants in here but most importantly, there are many Mangrove trees in here. You don't know why but you really find this tree fascinating. You want to see more Mangroves so you went here. The main reason why you are here is to appreciate nature's beauty. However, it's hard for you to appreciate it at night time. Now that the sun is about to go down, you decided to leave the forest. The problem is, you can't find the way out of this forest. There are so many paths that you can take and you don't know which way to go. Not only that, there are also puzzles along the way that you need to solve before you can finally escape.

But you should not worry too much because there are clues that can help you with those puzzles. In addition to that, there are hints that can show you the right path. The only thing that you have to do is to use your logic to escape from this forest quickly. Mangrove Forest Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by WoW Escape. Good luck!

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