Makeup Crazy Room Escape Game

Makeup Crazy Room Escape

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Rona needed to retouch for her make-up was getting paler, she was with her friends but they went-out first for theirs were still good, wow nice they just abandoned me here, she pondered to herself. But oh well, this is already art and it takes time. After a few minutes in the loo, Rona somehow noticed that there was a strange silence from the outside. Was the party over? Impossible, so Rona finished-up so she can leave then and check-out what's happening, but when she tried the door however, she couldn't get herself out!

The door seems to be locked and even though there is a lock from the inside, something seems to be locking it from the outside and that is obviously impossible to unlatch. Maybe there is another way out of there for she already tried a few things but none would work. She needs to keep trying or she'll never get herself out. Escape players, come and give a hand to Rona here, try to find another way out of the place using the best of your skills and logic. Find-out what's going-on so an easier escape can be done.

Makeup Crazy Room Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from WoW Escape.

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