Luxury Mansion 5 Game

Luxury Mansion 5

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It took you a lot of years to finish your mansion. Designing it almost took a year and making it a reality took more years. You didn't hesitate to push through though. You believed great things would really take time. So you spent the time roaming around looking for inspiration while waiting for your mansion to finish. You weren't really dreaming of a mansion when you were still a child. However, you were more of an introvert and an anxious one at that. Most of the time woke up in the morning feeling afraid of something. You weren't even thinking about anything negative before going to sleep. But negative thoughts just seemed to easily find their way in your head when you least expect it. It wasn't easy and in most days you wanted to just give up. Someone was constantly watching over you though.

Instead of locking yourself up, you faced the challenges that cam with your personality. You were always on the brink of giving up. But that little spark in your heart kept you trying for just one more time. Until you were able to live a fulfilling life and put up a mansion for yourself. This held everything you needed and was secured with a key only you owned. Things were fine if you remember where you placed the key. Play Luxury Mansion 5 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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