Abandoned Adventures 2

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Your adventure continued but on a different setting. It seemed like a house owned by a very simple person. There were not much decorations on the place and the furniture weren’t grand either. However, the owner must’ve loved music seeing the piano there. You loved music and couldn’t let any instrument just pass you by. So you went near the piano. Just as you were about to play it, a key sounded. It made you jump back and freeze. You didn’t know how many minutes were you just standing there waiting for something creepier to appear. Fortunately nothing freaky happened after that and you were able to explore the place in peace. You were walking around with nothing in mind really. It was just that abandoned places were fascinating to you. So you walked a couple more steps before hearing the door closed with a bang.

You smiled at the official start of your adventure. Then you could feel your heart started to pump faster and your mind became more alert. This was the feeling you always hoped to feel every time you visit such places. And it was always a treat to get out of the situation successfully. Play Abandoned Adventures 2 room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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