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Luxury Antonovich Escape

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The Antonovich luxurious abode is a family residence and they were blue-blooded, which means they are royalty and considered as monarchs of the land. Well that was before and now what's left is the house itself being taken-care of the government to be preserved and shown to future generations. It is absolutely luxurious and it shows the royal family's great wealth, as one of the caretakers of the place, Aslan sees that and he was amazed of the huge residence. One day however he was alone in there for everybody was on their day-offs and that's okay, for there isn't much things to do there, just so that the place had a person to guard it and that's fine, fine until something unfortunate happened.

Aslan got trapped in the house for now he could no longer open some of the doors most especially the ones that can get him out! This is a real issue for nobody can help him there nor he can destroy anything in the room so he can just escape. Escape players, will you help Aslan here escape and have a fun escape adventure yourself as well?

Luxury Antonovich Escape is another new point and click huge house escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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