Lonely House Escape (8B Games) Game

Lonely House Escape (8B Games)

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You are a happy person and you can't stand anything lonely. A friend invited to his party and it seems so boring. Everything is just so sad in the house. The music and the theme are so lonely. You can't stay in this room for another minute but it might hurt his feelings if you let him know that you want to leave. He is in busy in the kitchen right now and this is the perfect time to escape. However, the door has a lock so you can't get out. This is to ensure that every guest stays until the end. But you might get crazy if you stay any longer. So you have to find another way to escape from this Lonely House. There are lots of objects in the house that you can use to escape. However, you must be subtle so no one can notice.

There are also clues in the room so you have to move around the room to find those hints. Play Lonely House Escape (8B Games) room escape game and try to escape as soon as possible so you can go to a happier place. This brand new room escape game is from 8B Games. Enjoy!

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